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 Weather Warnings
 Moon & Sun Forecast
4:50 am
9:30 pm
Day Length
16:40 hrs
Full Moon, Moon at 15 days in cycle
10:52 pm
4:55 am
Sun Phase: Above Horizon
Moon Phase:Full Moon

On this day
Record Temperatures On This Date
Record High
34.1°C - 2020
Record Low
1.6°C - 2007

Friday's Extremes

High Temp: 15.5°C   at  8:46 AM
Low Temp: 13.1°C  at 12:12 AM
Rain Rate: 0.00 mm/hr @ 3:52 AM
UV High: 4.0  at  8:37 AM
Max Gust: 12.7 mph at 3:44 AM
Min Windchill: 13.1°C  at  12:12 AM
High Temp: 26.9°C   on  2/6
Low Temp: -5.1°C<  on 7/1
Wettest Day: 28.6 mm  on  20/1
UV High: 17.0  on  8/4
Max Gust: 317.6 mph on 31/1
Min Windchill: -11.1°C  on  13/2
High Temp: 34.1°C   on  25/6/2020
Low Temp: -17.8°C on 30/6/2010
Wettest: 80.2 mm  on  20/7/2007
UV High: 17.0  at  8/4/2021
Max Gust: 317.6 mph at 31/1/2021
Min Windchill: -17.8°C  at  30/6/2010