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Ohhh the Northern Lights... So beautiful, so rare and we always seem to think that the north pole is the best places to see them (which is true).

However, when we have eruptions or activity on the sun then the risk of seeing an Aurora Borealis (northern lights)

This page displays the latest KP Index and also if we know your location then we can tell you the chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis within the next 15 minutes.

This page displays the latest KP Index and the solar activity.

You can also see the chance of seeing an Aurora based on your location as well as an image displaying the current position of the Aurora Borealis.

(Refresh page to get the updated image every 60 seconds)

Taken in May 2015 by Matthew Zajczyk

South West Warnings

    No weather warnings have been issued for the South West at this time.

On This Day ...
Record Temperatures On This Date
Record High
31.7°C- 2017
Record Low
-3.2°C - 2007

Moon & Sun Forecast

4:49 am
9:29 pm
Day Length
16:40 hrs
Waxing Gibbous, Moon at 12 days in cycle
8:42 pm
2:47 am
There will be 0 mins 06sec more daylight tomorrow
Moon Phase:Waxing Gibbous

Climate Extremes

Thursday 20 June
High Temp12.5°C12:00 AM
Low Temp10.9°C2:27 AM
Rain Today 0.0 mm00:00 AM
High UV0.0 12:00 AM
Max Gust5.8 mph12:35 AM
Min Windchill11.1°C12:00 AM
So far this month
High Temp22.3°C2/6/2024
Low Temp4.2°C7/6/2024
Wettest Day7.5mm14/6/2024
High UV16.07/6/2024
Max Gust32.0mph15/6/2024
Min Windchill3.5°C11/6/2024
So far this year
High Temp26.2°C12/5/2024
Low Temp-8.0°C18/1/2024
Wettest Day23.4mm22/5/2024
High UV16.030/5/2024
Max Gust52.9mph2/1/2024
Min Windchill-10.8°C18/1/2024
All time records
High Temp35.5°C18/7/2022
Low Temp-10.8°C20/12/2010
Wettest Day80.2mm20/7/2007
High UV18.013/6/2022
Max Gust62.1mph23/2/2017
Min Windchill-21.1°C15/02/1963