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UK aircraft tracker. Track Commercial and Military Aircraft currently over Southern England. Live map with plane descriptions on our live flight map

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Come rain or shine, it's facinating to see the current aircraft flights taking place across above our heads. If you click on any of the planes then full details of the plane come up, and the trail of where the plane has come from is then highlighted on the map. The screen will automatically update every 30 seconds or so, and because the map is a Google overlay you can drag it about (simply hold the left button of your mouse down and drag) and zoom in and out.
South West Warnings

    No weather warnings have been issued for the South West at this time.

Moon & Sun Forecast

4:58 am
9:26 pm
Day Length
16:28 hrs
First Quarter, Moon at 7 days in cycle
1:56 pm
12:56 am
There will be 1 min 32sec less daylight tomorrow
Moon Phase:First Quarter

On This Day ...
Record Temperatures On This Date
Record High
29.1°C - 2013
Record Low
-3.5°C - 2008

Today's extremes

Thursday 07 July
High Temp16.9°C12:00 AM
Low Temp15.8°C2:09 AM
Rain Rate0.00 mm/hr00:00 AM
Max Gust13.8 mph12:57 AM
Min Windchill15.8°C2:09 AM

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